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This product and service is ideal for businesses who can not afford heavy installation costs of a CCTV system, but would like the peace of mind of their business being monitored 24/7 .

These alarm units with in-built cameras can be installed almost anywhere without the need of power or the internet. The product is ideal for construction sites, warehouses, derelict buildings and much much more.

The alarm signal from the active infrared Intruder-Detection System will be immediately transmitted to our monitoring station. Our Monitoring Station will receive the 10 second alarm picture. Our trained Operatives will view the pictures transmitted from the site, evaluate the purpose of the activation and if necessary they will contact local police and a key holder. The 10 second digital recording of the activity as seen by the wireless Alarm-Cam will be available by request, for subsequent evaluation by the client and the Police, if and when necessary.

This product is becoming very popular as it’s a very cost effective system for protecting businesses anywhere. There is an option for no installation fees just rental packages. If you are on a farm, construction site or recycle yard even with no means of power or simply want an effective security solution without the big expense this product could be for you. Call us today and we will be delighted to help.

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